More about us

Swansea Civic Society had been very active in the 1960s as it had been  earlier under the direction of Ivor Russell.  Unfortunately it had waned somewhat in the late 1960s and became moribund.  At the beginning of the seventies Professor Steel was instrumental in the arrangement of a conference on the Lower Swansea Valley

 As far as we understand it was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the inauguration of the project on the initiative of Robin Huw Jones, and the appointment of Ken Hilton as the first conservator.  At the time Steve Lavender was the Conservator.  The conference was a great success and out of it the Lower Swansea Valley Development Group was formed under the Chairmanship of Professor Steel.  Robert  Barnes was Secretary for this newly created group for about ten years. 

It was eventually thought that the work of the group could best be taken forward if it had a broader base than just the Lower Swansea Valley.  Accordingly it was developed into a Swansea Civic Society.  Through his association with the earlier Civic Society, Ivor Russell was invited to become associated with the revived body as President, and it was from these new beginnings that the present Swansea Civic Society stems.  I ceased being Secretary at the point when the new Civic Society was formed.

Robert Barnes